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Digital Media Solutions


Digital Media Solutions

Effective and Affordable Brand Empowerment

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WebRotator is committed to helping your business scale with our full-service digital, mobile and data solutions. At the core is our phase 1 brand design and development to help your business get discovered organically by consumers faster and easier and less costly than ever before. We then parallel your new brand identity with a full suite of services to launch your brand and generate high volume traffic - 24/7/365.


Digital Marketing Strategy

If you don't know where to start we can help identify your digital and mobile marketing Goals and lay out a strategic roadmap to guide your business to success. 


Digital Responsive Web Design

We can help you balance beautiful design with strong search performance and messaging that resonates with consumers. Our designs harmoniously sync across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Having brand consistency throughout and giving consumers information about your business on any platform is the most powerful brand tool you can create.


Social Media Set Up and Strategy

Knowing where to start and where to focus your time is half the battle. We'll set up your social media accounts and take you step by step through the world of social media. We will design and implement your social media strategy to grow passionate followers and deliver your brand message to consumers that positively impacts your business' bottom line.

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SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization delivers one of the most powerful marketing strategies for local businesses. On average 4x better than ANY other source of traffic. In addition to premium exposure on WebRotator IVP Search, we implement a proven SEO strategy across all search platforms; greatly increasing traffic volume to your website. 

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Email Marketing

This is a science that is all about conversions.  We’ll show you the best practices and ensure your email campaigns are opened and viewable on as many devices as possible to increase total clicks.


eCommerce Solutions

We We will design and implement your business' eCommerce, online payments, online security and shipping. Our eCommerce design solution is simple to use and execute so you can grow your online business quickly and efficiently. Manage orders, stock, shipping and returns from an easy to use CMS. 


Creative Call To Action

We When you need some creative direction our team of writers, videographers, photographers, editors and animators are on call to help inspire and develop one of a kind marketing messages that grab consumers attention vaulting your business ahead of the competition. So whether you need a blog, vlog, memes, GIF's, Facebook/Instagram ads, YouTube content, video production or a photo burst display for your eCommerce store; our team is ready to create content that makes your brand memorable.

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Data Analytics Tracking

We The power of online marketing is in the  data tracking & metrics.  We pack our marketing tools with one of the most powerful data tracking software platforms in the industry giving you the power to grow your business day after day. Data tracking allows you to make smart decisions, lower costs, grow customers and increase revenue.

Our Business Marketing Packages Start at $499. We Make it Simple to Get Started with No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

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Designing Your Brand

Designing Your Brand

Logo & Digital Design Crafted for Each Client 

We start with designing the center piece of your Brand, The Logo. We show you option after option until you get exactly what fits the vision of your business.

Working example of two of our Current Clients:

Terri Carr & Associates and BrandiBryanGroup


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After final approval of your Logo; we move onto the Digital Design of your Responsive Website to give you the power to grow your business anywhere in the world.


Our Responsive Websites are Packed with Features so Your Business Will Dominate the Digital World

  1. Fully Responsive Web Design to work & look amazing on desktop, tablet and mobile
  2. Connected to all your business social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and More
  3. Automated contact information captures future customers and links them to your email dashboard to integrate all your current and future clients; providing easy newsletter and email campaigns
  4. Live Chat option to speak directly with your customers or clients whenever they visit your website. Providing immediate customer supports brings instant credibility to your business
  5. Fully Integrated eCommerce platform, including: payment and shipping tracking
  6. Integrated SEO key search words to crawl search engines organically growing your search ranking
  7. Connected Blog & Vlog to your  social media business platforms allows one blog/vlog post to be distributed to all accounts with one click. Post from desktop or the included mobile blog app
  8. Data Analytics Dashboard and mobile app to keep track of who is visiting your website and what information or product they are interested in

Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategy and Design

Our In-House Design Team Helps You Visualize Your Brand Message to Reach Thousands of Potential Customers or Clients with Creative Ad Campaigns that Run Seamlessly Across Your Social Media Channels.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Examples from Current Clients: Zippy Shell Columbus, MJLBuysHouses

Zippy Shell Columbus

“Clear the Clutter”

Zippy Shell Columbus

“Moving 101”

MJL Buys Houses

“We Buy Houses for Cash”

WebRotator Digital Marketing Deck

Our Business Marketing Packages Start at $499. We Make it Simple to Get Started with No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.